SwingBTC Review - Scam Or Legit with payment proof

SwingBTC Review 2018 - Is SwingBTC Legit Or Scam?

SwingBTC is the fourth site from The well Known, reputed and trusted Admin of IndexClix, FingersClix and Ads4.pro.(Aurelien) This site works on the basis of Bitcoins! You can earn bitcoins in multiple ways from home with offerwalls, clicking ads and Renting referrals.

You will find 30 ads per day for a pay per click of upto 440 satoshis. Average for standard member is 80 satoshis. 

Ways to Earn :- PTC/Faucet/Offerwalls/PTSU /Offerwalls and more!!

GOOD NEWS! You can recruit Unlimited Direct Referrals!

The Minimum to payout is only 0.0005 BTC via Bitcoins only.

With this website you will win 100% of your referrals 440 satoshis/click being an upgraded member.

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-Payment #1 - visit here
-Payment #2 - visit here
-Payment #3 - visit here
-Payment #4 - visit here

Our #1 Payment 0.0109 BTC. Click here to enlarge 

Our #2 Payment 0.0144 BTC. Click here to Enlarge

Our #3 Payment 0.015 BTC. Click here to Enlarge

Our #4 Payment 0.012 BTC. Click here to Enlarge



  1. Replies
    1. Yes I guarantee it is Paying Friend! I am a moderator of site and the site is great!!you can check NBR Too

    2. You can check payment proofs on NBR and Their forum. Admin is Aurel, super trusted 1 year online site

  2. (The Minimum to payout is only 0.0005 BTC via Bitcoins only )...My question is what is Bitcoin and how can I get money from Bitcoin? Is it also through paypal or diect account to a bank?

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